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How to make your website stand out

Website stand out

We always try to see it from the customer’s point of view when designing a website. There are many factors involved in making a website work for you.

Here are some points that make your business stand out online:

Getting your point across

When you visit a website one of the first things you want to know is ‘what do you do?’ and ‘How well do you do it?’ We try to get this point across within the content and design. We always say you should hit the visitor with three bullet point style captions that will explain who you are and what you do.


We always say that the images on the site will speak a thousand words and they need to be of the best quality. If possible we advise that you hire in a professional photographer to shoot your business, as they will have the artistic flare needed to achieve great photographs. The quality of the photograph will reflect your company.

Logo Design

I know we have covered in more depth, logo design in a different blog, but here’s a quick run-down, Your logo should be clear to read, straight to the point and have a certain aesthetical design balance to it. This along with your images and content portrays your company image as well as telling people what you do, very important aspects.


We always promote the idea of having a contact at the bottom of each page, people will tend to look at a website and by the time they reach the bottom if there is no contact they will most likely leave.


This goes hand in hand with ‘Contact’ as we mentioned above, it’s imperative that a website should be easy to navigate. There are a lot of sites out there that look stylish but are hard to navigate around or worse still have broken links, our aim is to provide a stylish website with easy to navigate functions.

Remember: When you put your website plan together for us you should take into consideration these points.

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